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Upgrade Console offers automated support to quickly and safely identify issues with planned CA Gen upgrades, based on source and target release, architecture and target platform. This instantly reduces your assessment costs, highlights where to focus your upgrade resources and ensures you start your project with the risks minimized. It interacts directly with your encyclopedia to look at the compatibility of your current models, flagging potential issues right down to individual lines of code, so you can prevent them from becoming real issues!

Upgrade Console reduces your CA Gen upgrade costs in three fundamental ways: First, the time taken to identify which parts of your applications will require remediation is dramatically reduced - you can complete this in hours instead of weeks. Second, by knowing exactly where your application has to be changed you can organize and prioritize the necessary updates in an efficient, controlled and effective manner. Third, because you know where your application is being changed you can focus testing effort exactly where it is needed, as opposed to the typical high-cost, wide-ranging testing previously required to identify problems.

It's available for both the Host and Client Server Encyclopaedias and supports every CA Gen release from (v5.1), on every CA Gen technology and deployment platform. The latest release is now certified against CA Gen r8.5 incorporating over 125 checks built from CA's technical compatibility advisories and extended with customer feedback and the experience of successfully executing dozens of customer upgrades across the globe.


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