Test Composer

Model driven application testing for Gen applications


Test Composerâ„¢ is a model driven application testing tool especially designed for Gen applications. It enables developers to test Gen server procedures, components and action blocks thoroughly outside the Gen environment with a large number of controlled test cases and expected results.

Core Benefits

  • Model driven application testing
  • Rightsized testing for each stage of the SDLC
  • Testing focuses on business logic - your organization's long term strategic investment
  • Group test cases into test scenarios and automate execution to reduce testing time
  • Repeatable testing increases organizational SEI CMM
  • Test data becomes an asset used throughout the SDLC
  • Test Composerâ„¢ supports testing new development and regression testing!
  • Automated Gen model driven change control with the version control facility!
  • Create and manage multiple test scenarios for a test package!
  • Create expected test results and automate comparison with actual results.
  • Supports testing of CABs, procedures, and components locally and server procedures remotely using native Gen infrastructure
  • Code coverage analysis for each test scenario
  • Performance analysis on test package execution
  • Supports Gen tracing to perform root cause analysis during testing.
  • Supports both traditional and CBD development.

Key Features

  • Integration with Data Composer to generate test cases for test packages
  • Integrates with Report Composer to test generated artefacts
  • Test Manager enables creation and storage of test scenario catalog in DB for repeatable test execution
  • Comparison tool for automated comparison of actual v expected test results