SOA Composer

Visual XML and SOAP Web Services Designer and Generator for Gen Applications


SOA Composer provides a feature rich and ever evolving development environment for Gen developers when it comes to XML or SOAP processing or web service use or provision.

Developers can easily visualize mappings between Gen views and XML nodes. Automatic code generation ensures improved quality, repeatability and quick development and maintenance responses to an ever changing business and technology environment.

Core Benefits

  • Creation of SOAP Request and Response handlers for both consumers and providers of Web Services
  • Validation of XML documents and SOAP messages for content and structure
  • Conversion of attribute domains between Gen views and XML definition
  • Mapping of Gen views to XSDs, WSDLs, XML samples and custom XML structures
  • Generation of EAB source code for all Gen platforms
  • Built-in customizable code snippets for platform-specific internet access