About Response Systems:

About Us

Response Systems is a UK based software company with it's head office in
Surrey, England and a satellite office in Queensland, Australia. Established
in 1995, the company is a balanced team of experienced CA Gen (formerly
AllFusion / Advantage Gen) professionals who are dedicated to increasing
the productivity of their customers.

In Summer 2007 Facet Consulting, an Australian based CA Gen services
company, acquired Response Systems. Facet Consulting remains absolutely
committed to the continued support and growth of the Response
Systems brand and their products. They fully intend to continue to develop
the Access Gen products based on the feedback and requirements of
Response System's customer base, in addition to adding further benefit to
the product direction based on Facet's extensive experience of delivering
complex solutions to its own CA Gen clients.

Response Systems continues to pride itself on the fact that its products are
used and trusted by more CA Gen development professionals than any other
third party tool. Its products address a number of issues that arise with CA
Gen development without being prescriptive in their use. They can be used to
enhance processes currently in place and also to develop new processes to
improve the productivity and quality of a project. Response Systems is able
to advise on how the products can work with current practices and how the
products' features can be used to introduce good practice.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for Response Systems products or
have an enquiry about the Gen services that the Facet Group can offer,
please click on the Feedback link below. Any suggestions for future
enhancements that you may have are welcomed. To get in touch by more
conventional means please use the Contact link.

About Facet Consulting

Facet is a specialist consulting company that offers superior CA Gen skills
and software development capabilities. It is a leading supplier of CA Gen
services providing architecture solutions and outsourcing to businesses.

Facet has extensive experience in delivering full lifecycle projects and
outstanding project management, applications architecture, analysis and
software development credentials.

Founded in 2002, Facet is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia serving
clients across Australia, Asia and Europe. For more information, please
visit www.facet.com.au.