Data Composer

Model driven test data generation for CA Gen applications

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Data Composer™ is a model driven application test data generation tool especially designed and developed for CA Gen applications. Data Composer™ can generate high quality, high volume test data directly from the CA Gen model with 100% correct referential integrity. It automatically resolves foreign keys, uses CA Gen permitted values or custom column value overrides.

Core Benefits

  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Create user defined foreign keys
  • Use your CA Gen data model, database schema as your source or define your own schema
  • Integrates with Report Composer and Test Composer to create supporting test data
  • Use CA Gen permitted values
  • Automatic test data generation
  • Supports all major database systems
  • Version control
  • Edit patterns
  • Generic value overrides
  • High volume test data creation

Key Features

  • Intuitive visual design environment
  • Visual mapping of CA Gen views to XML structure
  • Visual manipulation of XML structures and element properties
  • Automatic COBOL, C and JAVA source code generation for XML data handling logic

Powerful Model Driven Test Data Generation

Data Composer™ provides you with a graphical tool that lets you generate high quality and high volume test data quickly and efficiently. It has an intuitive yet sophisticated user interface that enables quick and easy rule definition for test data generation. Set foreign key value rules easily, use CA Gen permitted values and/or your own value overrides by just a few clicks!