Access Gen (TSO)

Maximise your productivity


Access Gen is a software productivity tool that delivers the information and process support a Gen project needs to operate at maximum efficiency. It is the culmination of nearly two decades of experience delivering productivity solutions to Gen projects.

Access Gen offers a single, integrated 3270 interface giving instant access to your most valuable asset - your Gen Encyclopedia. It's features have been specifically designed to serve all phases of a project, regardless of development methodology and application type, without imposing rigid processes around the software's use. By streamlining your processes and boosting productivity, project costs are reduced and the only choice you have to make is whether to reduce your time to market or increase your development capacity.

Core Benefits

  • Boosts productivity
  • Streamlines processes
  • Faster time to market / increase development capacity
  • Supports all development methodologies and application types
  • Simple installation & implementation
  • Rapid ROI

Key Features

  • Simple 3270 interface
  • Fast object searching and expansion
  • Impact analysis support
  • Version control and comparison feature
  • Subset and download support
  • View size details and a full packaging reports
  • Migration and Publishing support
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Why Access Gen?

At the core of Gen development is the encyclopedia. It is here that the models of your business are created and developed that are ultimately built into your deployed applications.
Access Gen unlocks the information in your encyclopedia by giving fast, direct access to the models that it stores. No more waiting for check-ins and check-outs to get the information you need. Its features have been specifically developed to satisfy the information needs and support the processes of all phases of a development project from analysis and design, development and testing, through to application deployment and ongoing maintenance.

AG TSO search


Marker 1

Views can be expanded and contracted at the +/- symbol


Marker 2

Statements can be expanded and contracted at the +/- symbol

Analysis Phase Features

Select your object type(s) and search using wildcards on name, trancode, domain, member name, user ID, attribute domain, user group ID, object ID, strings contained in NOTE, CHAR STRING or NUMERIC statements and strings contained in object descriptions.

Development Phase Features

Greater support for the subsetting process including fast creation and modification of subsets with automatic downgrade check. Once created, subsets can then be submitted for download.

Access Gen also allows you to create or modify existing aggregate sets in seconds.

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System Requirements

Software installation

  • DB2 compatibility: Please refer to levels supported by Gen release 8.x - if Gen R8.x supports it, we do.
  • Operating system: Z/OS - all levels supported by Gen release 8.x
  • OS/390: compatible with all versions.

Gen compatibility

Compatible with all versions of Gen (AllFusion Gen, COOL:Gen, Composer, IEF) up to and including release 8.6.