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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that our website, like most websites, saves on your computer when you visit our site. Cookies allows our website to maintain your session when you have logged into our support site. They are not harmful to your computer, don't access information on your hard drive, and are not used by us to store personally identifiable information.

How does the Response System website use cookies?

We respect our customers' privacy and are open about the cookies we use and why. To make use of all the features of our website, it's important that your computer or mobile device accepts cookies. We use cookies to maintain your session when you have logged into our website.

How do I control cookies?

Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies. You can usually change your cookie preferences via your browser 'preferences' or 'settings' menu, usually in a privacy and security section. You can choose to block cookies here, but this will mean that our site and many others won't work properly. You can also ask for alerts about cookies, see the cookies stored on your computer, and choose to remove or block particular cookies.