Java Report Engine

Develop high performance application reporting and file handling for Gen applications on the web


Java Report Engine is a runtime software product that enables the generation and delivery of web reporting designed with Gen and Report Composer. It also incorporates the Java File Option to facilitate Java file handling in your Gen applications.

Core Benefits

  • Integrated report development and generation of traditional and web reports for Gen applications
  • Support for all Gen Web architectures
  • Migrate Block Mode and GUI Report Composer reports to the Web.
  • Leverage your investment in Report Composer application reporting as you migrate your Gen applications to the web
  • Facilitate Java sequential file access, with checkpoint restart capabilities
  • No re-training required.

Powerful Web Reporting Capabilities

When a report is requested by the application, JAVA Report Engine securely streams the pages of the reports back to the Web enabled Gen application. The report can be presented in the same instance of the Web browser as the Gen application or in a new instance of the browser.

The report can be viewed up as one document or can be served page by page with a navigation toolbar.


Easily handle Java sequential files

Facilitate your Java sequential file read / write via the Java File Option (JFO). There are two types of file handlers - readers and writers. File handlers can be used to read and write sequential positional (single or multi format) files, or single format delimited files. The delimiter for the delimited files is set by the developer.