Report Composer

Develop high performance application reporting and file handling for Gen applications


Report ComposerĀ® is an application report development tool especially designed and developed for Gen. Developers using Report Composer can extend the benefits of model driven development to design and generate high performance application reports and file handlers for Gen applications.

Core Benefits

  • Model driven application report development.
  • Reduction of software costs with a single reporting solution for all Gen platforms.
  • Superior performance over other reporting solutions with secure high-performance reporting
  • Faster project delivery at lower costs.
  • Reduced training costs because Report Composer is developed for the Gen developer.
  • Lower application maintenance costs with Report Composer's automated version control.

Key Features

  • Intuitive visual design environment
  • Visual Report designer
  • Visual mapping of Gen views for file handlers
  • Support for Plain Text and Graphical Reports
  • Automatic code generation of Application reporting and file handlers in COBOL, C, Java and C#
  • Bulk Code Generation option enables generation of multiple Report or File Handling routines in a single pass

Intuitive Visual Designer

Take advantage of the power of visual design by placing attributes as fields on your report layout. Add literals and special fields ... move them around with a drag-and-drop user interface....define edit patterns like in Gen...suppress Gen default date value or your own custom date all your design work visually.


Technical Benefits

Visually map your Gen EAB attribute views to your sequential file fields. Any Gen attribute view may be mapped to any field in a sequential file as long as their domains are the same (e.g. text attributes to text fields, numeric attributes to numeric fields). Certain combinations of cross-domain mapping are also allowed. For example, a date domain may be written to a text field on a file, by using a date edit pattern to format the date for text output.