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QA Console brings the power of automated standards enforcement to your projects to accelerate your development delivery. It helps you reduce costs and deliver faster by dramatically reducing the duration of the QA phase, simultaneously freeing up key personnel so that they can be used more effectively. By delivering absolutely consistent review outcomes across the entire development team, QA Console can ensure your applications remain high performing and more maintainable whilst accommodating flexible resourcing solutions or external partners.

The QA Console is quick to install and simple to use shipping with a set of built in, configurable best practice standards so you can start using the QA Console immediately. Response Systems can provide additional specialised checks that are specific to your environment, or using the supplied CA Gen Software Development Kit (SDK), these can be built yourself.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced development costs
  • Faster time to market
  • More efficient use of key personnel
  • Guarantees consistent review outcomes
    - Brings new developers up to speed quickly
    - Ensures onshore/offshore teams adhere to same standards
    - Maintenance more efficient and effective
    - Improved deliverable quality
    - Improves application quality and performance
  • Easy integration into your existing development processes
    - Clear intuitive interface
    - Simple to install
    - Configurable library of checks out of the box
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