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The APMConnect solution from Response Systems delivers seamless, non-intrusive, always-on Enterprise application monitoring for your most challenging Java, .NET, COBOL and CA Gen application platforms. With today's complex business transactions now spanning both web, distributed and mainframe platforms, APMConnect ensures you have constant visibility to their execution - following each discrete business transaction as it executes across each platform.

A single pane of glass, accessible everywhere, over all your applications, on every platform you deploy to.

Whether you need rapid application remediation, to unlock expensive application resource consumption, or provide key Business colleagues with real-time, business focused dashboards, APMConnect delivers.

Core to the solution is the minimal-footprint deployment that enables the core, always-on capability - across every platform and technology. Rapid deployment to internal, hosted or cloud infrastructure, seamless integration with applications, and cross-platform correlation, means APMConnect can ensure the delivery of today's always on, accessible anywhere, applications.

APMConnect for COBOL

With 85% of global business transactions continuing to leverage the strength of IBM's mainframe platforms, nowhere has there been greater need for always-on, scalable, deep-dive visibility into those applications that power business operations across the globe. An estimated 3 billion transactions per day execute on the mainframe platform, and 90% of those transactions utilize COBOL; for an estimated weekly value of USD$1 trillion, this remains the critical business platform.

For customers already leveraging the strength of CA Technologies' CA APM (Wily) products, APMConnect for COBOL, provides seamless visibility into COBOL mainframe applications. Irrespective of whether those applications are online, batch, initiated by 3270 "green screens", operating under GUI Client-server architecture, or through distributed channel architectures such as MQ-Series, APMConnect for COBOL provides coverage. The non-intrusive nature of APMConnect means that there is no change to application source, no recompilations, no re-linking, and no re-binding required.

APMConnect for CA Gen

CA Gen, the premier Enterprise Application Development platform from CA Technologies, is widely utilized globally by major Enterprises with the most demanding application agility, stability and scalability requirements. Whilst the model driven development paradigm underpins CA Gen's capability to deploy to the widest range of application platforms, the abstracted language constructs have provided a barrier to meaningful CA Gen APM solutions - until now.

Exploiting Response System's deep understanding of CA Gen architecture, APMConnect for CA Gen enables organizations utilizing CA Gen, to get detailed insight inside their executing CA Gen applications on the mainframe. This new insight enables CA Gen customers to identify application hotspots, and deliver valuable cost savings in large and complex applications. Just as with APMConnect for COBOL, the solution is completely non-intrusive, so no CA Gen regeneration, compilation or linking is necessary for immediate visibility inside CA Gen mainframe applications.

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