Using Access Gen to browse or compare action diagrams are two of its key
features. If these facilities are regularly taking a long time to process,
this may indicate that the Action Diagram Cache is not being used or has not
been populated.

To verify that the Action Diagram Cache is being used to service browse or
compare requests, under the Access Gen client Cache drop down menu, ensure
that the Use A/B Cache option is checked (each time the client is started this
option will be checked as a default).

To verify that the Action Diagram Cache is populated for a particular model,
determine its Model ID and check the sub-directory called ‘Models’ located
within the directory where the Access Gen server has been installed. Further
sub-directories of the Models directory store the Action Diagram Cache, with
each identified by the Model ID they apply to. If the sub-directory for the
model of interest contains less files than there are action diagrams in the
model, then the Action Diagram Cache for that model is not complete. If this
is the case, it is highly recommended that you consult with your Access Gen
administrator to ensure that regular tasks are processed out of business
hours, to keep the Action Diagram Cache up to date.