Does Access Gen (TSO) itself keep the ADLIB and the TLIB ‘clean’, when action
blocks or models are deleted from the Host Encyclopedia or is there a special
cleaning utility?

Access Gen (TSO) automatically removes action diagrams from the cache which
are no longer in the encyclopedia, so the ADLIB does not contain redundant
information. This is the first task that the batch utility performs before
extracting any data. The TLIB library (which contains the model structure
information) is not cleaned by the batch utility. However, this is initialised
with each new version of Access Gen (TSO) and the data changes between
releases and it is at this point and redundant members are deleted.

In CE-Edit/Access Version 5, as a first step towards improving the
housekeeping and cache processing, we have introduced packing on the members
of the ADLIB library. This means that after extraction from the encyclopaedia,
they are packed as they are stored. If the ADLIB is currently defined as VB,
the saving will be 20%. If the ADLIB is defined as FB, the saving will be 60%.
Overall the best option is FB packed, although the difference between this and
VB packed is only 3%.

To pack the existing members in the ADLIB, you would need to copy the members
from one dataset to another using ISPF 3.3 specifying pack. There is no
immediate need to do this – the packed and non-pack members can co-exist
without any problems.