Response Systems are pleased to announce the release of Web Services GENius version 8.64. New features in this release include technology updates, improved support for regeneration of WAR/EAR files, field level description on Web Services, improved migration functionality, support for Enterprise COBOL versions, fully compliant RESTful APIs for CICS and EJBs (distributed), improved transfer support, digital signing extended and performance improvements.

Technology Updates  – This release includes significant technology updates to address technical debt and reduce potential security vulnerabilities, and will facilitate faster delivery of future features.

Improved support for regeneration of WAR/EAR files – The generation of WAR files has been simplified in 8.64 by adding a WAR files node to the Model tree and allowing for full regeneration by interacting with the WAR file.

Field level description on Web Services – It is now possible to add a description field to an attribute or view in a Web Service Definition. This description will then be included in the OpenAPI specification that is generated during the WAR file generation process.

Improved migration functionality – A new Migrate To menu option has been added to facilitate easier Web Service Migration between models. WAR Files can also be migrated between models.

Support for Enterprise COBOL versions – Enterprise COBOL versions 6.3 and 6.4 are now supported at the site and model level.

Fully compliant RESTful APIs for CICS and EJBs (Distributed) – Web Services GENius brings the power of fully compliant RESTful calls (HTTP GET/POST/PUT/DELETE methods) to Gen Action Diagrams with no intrusion or change to existing Gen load modules or Gen source. Web Services GENius currently supports mainframe COBOL applications deployed in CICS and distributed Java applications deployed as EJBs.

Improved transfer support – FTPS and the Zowe v2 cli are now supported as transfer mechanisms in the bid to constantly improve the seamless build and deployment process for customers generating Web Services.

Digital Signing extended – All tiers of the Access Gen product are now digitally signed to provide assurance that the code has not been altered or tampered with after being issued.

Performance Improvements – The technology upgrade, as well as a number of infrastructure improvements and bug fixes have all contributed to performance improvements.

This release is available for download from the Support Centre of our website at and the release notes contain further information.