Response Systems are pleased to announce the release of Web Services GENius version 8.63. New features in this release include fully compliant RESTful APIs with support for standard endpoint methods, improved seamless build and deployment, 64-bit client implementation, performance improvements and digitally signed client executables.

Fully Compliant RESTful API Web Services – Web Services GENius allows users to easily create RESTful API Web Services for CA Gen mainframe applications. Web Services GENius leverages IBM’s Liberty Server on z/OS to enable existing mainframe customers to quickly and easily create Web Services from any existing Procedure Step or Action Block. RESTful API Web Services can be defined for the standard HTTP GET/POST/PUT/DELETE methods, with no changes required to your existing CA Gen applications.

64-bit User Interface – A new 64-bit User Interface, leveraging expanded memory utilisation, now delivers increased application stability and support for larger customer application models.

Performance Improvements – Focused improvements to the User Interface architecture deliver significant improvements in performance, particularly when dealing with larger encyclopedia environments.

Digitally Signed Client – Web Services GENius now supports now implements digitally signed client executables using Microsoft Authenticode. This provides an assurance that the code has not been altered or tampered with after being issued.

Improved Windows 10 deployment – Web Services GENius is now fully compliant with Windows 10 architecture in utilising the AppData directory for managing all user and temporary data.

This release is available for download from the Support Centre of our website at and the release notes contain further information.