Response Systems is delighted to announce the release of APMConnect for COBOL. With the same non-intrusive, minimal footprint and seamless integration core to APMConnect for Gen, Response Systems opens the door to always-on monitoring on the world’s most significant application processing platform – the IBM mainframe.

With 85% of global business transactions continuing to leverage the strength of IBM’s mainframe platforms, nowhere has there been greater need for always-on, scalable, deep-dive visibility into those applications that power business operations across the globe. An estimated 3 billion transactions per day execute on the mainframe platform, and 90% of those transactions utilize COBOL; for an estimated weekly value of USD$1 trillion, this remains the critical business platform.

APMConnect for COBOL is a non-intrusive, always-on Application Performance Monitoring solution that requires no change to existing mainframe COBOL applications. No change to the application source, no recompilation and no re-linking – all of which ensures that APMConnect for COBOL is quick to deploy, and deep-dive visibility inside your executing applications is immediate.

With the ability to quickly identify application processing hotspots within large and complex mainframe applications, customers are now able to unlock valuable cost savings on this critical operational platform. Designed for complex application portfolios, APMConnect for COBOL provides visibility into performance, availability, and completes the deep-dive application visibility through a single pane of glass.

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