Response Systems are pleased to announce the release of Access Gen (TSO) version 8.60. This release delivers an all new Execute SQL facility as well as new browse options Attribute Lifecycle analysis and Statement Type filter, and a revised View Size calculator.

  • Execute SQL – The View SQL option within action diagram browse has been updated to support submission of the query. Provide the Qualifier and DB2 Subsystem to execute the SQL. You will be prompted to provide values for any variables.
  • Attribute Lifecycle Analysis – This is a new option within action diagram browse. Choose any attribute to see its usage throughout the call chain. View the result as a summary report sent to a dataset. Or the result can also be viewed via the action diagram browse.
  • Statement Type Filter – This is another new option within action diagram browse. Choose from the available statement types to exclude these from your browse display. Multiple selections can be made.
  • Calculate View Sizes – This feature has been updated to provide improved accuracy and greater detail.