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Upgrade Console Features

Upgrade Console offers automated support to quickly and safely identify issues with planned CA Gen upgrades, based on source and target release, architecture and target platform. It's a standalone product that's interacts directly with either the Host or Client Server Encyclopedia via an ODBC connection, offering invaluable assistance planning and executing CA Gen upgrades. It takes the proposed upgrade and environment and applies the relevant library of checks identifying all known problems within your models.

Not only does it save an immense amount of analysis time and effort, but by quantifying issues up front, teams can plan the resources required and eliminate the uncertainty associated with an upgrade project. Because the compatibility issues between versions are captured within the supplied check libraries of the Upgrade Console, attention can be focused on those that matter, secure in the knowledge that nothing will be missed. These libraries have been built from a combination of CA's technical compatibility advisories, real world customer experiences and the extensive experience of executing dozens of successful customer upgrades by our parent company, Facet Consulting.

Upgrade Console takes a model centric view of your encyclopedia. Having set the source and target CA Gen releases and environmental variables (all CA Gen supported environments are supported), the user is then presented with a tree view of all encyclopedia models. Checks can be run at the encyclopedia level, model level, against groups of objects types or against individual objects. From the CA Gen releases to be traversed, the relevant check libraries are loaded (if you skip releases, the checks for the interim releases still need to be run) and then run at either a summary or detailed level against the selected items. Upgrade Console then gives you a precise picture of the implications of upgrading, clearly pinpointing all potential issues right down to individual lines of code, so you can prevent them from becoming real issues.

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