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APMConnect System Requirements

CA Gen and CA Wily compatibility

  • Mainframe environment requirements
    • Supported Operating Systems are z/OS v1.7 and above
    • Supported Transaction Servers are CICS/TS v3.1 and above
    • Supported COBOL versions are IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS v3.4 and above
    • APMConnect Configure and Deploy requires at least 24 line screens
    • We strongly recommended that a screen definition of 43 lines or higher is used

  • Mainframe storage requirements
    • Approximately 30 cylinders (3390) are temporarily required for installation
    • Approximately 15 cylinders (3390) are permanently required for execution

  • Mainframe authority requirements

      The installer requires sufficient access privileges to perform the following installation and deployment tasks within the TSO (and CICS/IMS as applicable) environments including:

      • Allocation of datasets
      • Definition of access rules to datasets for deployment and runtime activity
      • Modification of the login procedure to concatenate new APMConnect libraries

  • Network access

      The z/OS APMConnect agent requires connectivity to the CA APM(Wily) EP Agent across TCP/IP so the configured CA APM(Wily) EP Agent IP address and port number must be known and accessible.