CA Gen Application Analysis

Access Gen provides fast access to, and complex analysis of, large CA Gen applications to accelerate the delivery of business change by Development teams. It can be used for all application types, and flexibly with project processes to boost developer productivity.

CA Gen Application Performance Monitoring

APMConnect delivers always-on application-centric performance monitoring on CA Gen applications. It provides real-time monitoring of application service delivery, and direct visibility inside executing CA Gen applications on all the CA Gen target platforms.

Automated CA Gen Quality Assurance

QA Console automates CA Gen QA to accelerate delivery speed without risking application quality. Customers with external delivery teams use it to provide an objective quality gate.

Accelerated CA Gen upgrades

Upgrade Console assesses your CA Gen applications prior to your upgrade to identify each line-of-code where an issue may exist - along with resolution advice for each issue.

CICS Web Services for CA Gen

Web Services GENius enables mainframe customers to easily and quickly expose RESTful or SOAP Web Services from any Action Block or Pstep without any CA Gen application change.