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QA Console Features

The administrator's perspective

QA Console ships with a built in set of "best practice" base standards that are easily tailored to your own needs and extensible as your standards change and evolve. Multiple sets of standards can be created meaning different types, configurations and levels of standards can be applied to different models as appropriate. It also allows for your standards to be incrementally deployed, and where existing variances in models are present, they can be fully supported.

Base checks

There are base standards covering names, calling structures, object dependencies, performance tuning, complexity warnings, layout standards and many more. These work out of the box so with little effort, you can be up and running with QA Console in the minimum of time.

Custom checks

You can build and implement your own checks using CA Gen itself. These run alongside the base checks seamlessly. A supplied Software Development Kit (SDK) consisting of a CA Gen model and test harness can be used to develop checks in house, releasing you from reliance on third parties to extend and customize your own QA solution.

Check categories and optionality

In the real world, there are always going to be some checks that are more important than others. There are also going to be ones that have to be fixed and ones that should only be addressed if time permits. The QA Console allows you to define your own categories of checks. It ships with standard categories (Severe, Error, Warning etc.) but these can be changed to whatever is appropriate at your site. Further, each category can be defined as optional or mandatory meaning that when objects are checked, you have the peace of mind that the issues important to you are always addressed.

Process integration

QA Console comes with a command line interface that can be integrated with 3rd party change control software to ensure standards compliance can become a seamless part of any existing development process that may be in place.

In product documentation

For all checks, the documentation is integrated into the software itself. A dynamic Help Panel is displayed at the bottom of each interface so that whether you are an administrator configuring checks or a developer addressing issues, all of the supporting information required is supplied with the click of a mouse, when you need it, where you need it.

Process online or in batch

Full online or asynchronous processing support is available. A persistent database is bundled with the software so that tasks that are submitted asynchronously are stored for as long as needed, creating a full audit trail of who checked what and when.

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