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Web Services GENius Features

Create CA Gen CICS Web Services

Web Services GENius allows you to easily and quickly create CICS Web Services from your existing CA Gen applications, without any change to those CA Gen applications.

No application changes required

CICS Web Services created with Web Services GENius require no change to your existing CA Gen applications.

No additional skills required

Web Services GENius provides CA Gen developers the capability to create Web Services in CICS whilst insulating them from the range of new technology that RESTful and SOAP Web services are implemented with. This enables your existing development teams to work together quickly and collaboratively to deliver for your business.

Customisable WS interfaces

Web Services GENius offers customisable Web Service definitions, which means you expose only the necessary interface components you choose, named in a way that is meaningful to your web and mobile application development teams.

Support for RESTful and SOAP

Web Services GENius supports the creation of both RESTful and SOAP Web Services directly from your existing CA Gen applications.

Integrates seamlessly with CA Gen

Web Services GENius integrates easily into your existing CA Gen application development environment.

Quickly leverage your CA Gen mainframe application investment

Web Services GENius allows you to rapidly define and expose elements of your CA Gen application as web services, leveraging your mainframe investment, and embedding your CA Gen application portfolio as an integral part of your Web Services delivery solution. Turn your mainframe legacy application into a mobile delivery asset in minutes.

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